The stool

for a better stool



The stool

for a better stool




One of the main causes of colon cancer is fecal stagnation.


A kinked puborectal muscle does not allow for complete evacuations which lead to bloating and constipation.


These painful inflamations are worsened by the pressure we exert when evacuating incorrectly on a modern toilet.


Avoid excessive pressure on the pelvic floor when on the toilet with iPoo

Modern toilets make us sit at an angle that is unhealthy and bad for our digestive tract.

Many common ailments such as constipation, hemorrhoids, colon problems and even appendicitis increased with the advent of the modern toilet. We are bombarded by ads promoting a greater consumption of fibre to flatten your tummy and feel better when in fact what is much more effective is changing the torso-leg angle we adopt when seated on the toilet.
In Asian and African cultures people squat to go and hemorrhoids, apendicitis, colitis, prostate problems and diverticulosus are practically unheard of.

Proper squatting toilet posture achieved with the help of iPoo is of utmost importance. iPoo frees the body from unnecessary straining, impedes fecal stagnation, prevents hemorrhoids and intestinal pathologies. All of this makes for better general health and a greater feeling of energy and lightness.

With iPoo you will have all the benefits of sqautting with the comfort of a modern toilet

Benefits of squatting


Benefit # 1

iPoo makes going to the toilet faster, easier and more complete. This helps prevent fecal stagnation one of the main factors in colon cancer, apendicitis, and inflammatory intestinal diseases.


Benefit # 2

iPoo reduces excessive pressure on the colon thereby preventing damage. Excessive pressure from going to the toilet can cause hernias, diverticulosis and pelvic prolapse


Benefit # 3

Using iPoo to immitate a squat protects the nerves that control the prostate, the uterus and the bladder from stretching, preventing potential damage.


Benefit # 4

Pregnant women should squat when going to the toilet to reduce pressure on the uterus. In fact daily squatting practice prepares women for a more natural childbirth.


Benefit # 5

The squatting position using iPoo seals the ileocecal valve between the colon and the small intestine. In the normal modern toilet sitting position the ileocecal valve does not close and often leads to unwanted leaks that contaminate the small intestine.


Benefit # 6

Squatting relaxes the puborectal muscle which normally closes the rectum to avoid unwanted incontinence


Benefit # 7

iPoo´s squatting position is an effective non invasive treatment for hemorrhoids as has been proven in many clinical investigations


Benefit # 8

iPoo corrects “dangling feet” ( when childrens´ feet do not reach the floor while seated on the toilet ) The main cause of childhood constipation.

“la postura ideal para defecar es la posición de cuclillas , con los mulsos flexionados sobre el abdomen. De esta manera disminuye la capacidad de la cavidad abdominal y aumenta la presión intra-abdominal, que favorece la expulsión”. Dr. Henry L. Bockus

en su libro Gastroenterology

“Tan sólo en el Occidente industrializado, donde se inventó el inodoro moderno, la gente acostumbra a «sentarse» para defecar al igual que lo hace para comer. No es de extrañar que todo el mundo occidental sufra de estreñimiento crónico, hemorroides y otros problemas debidos al hecho de evacuar los intestinos en posición sentada. Si bien los retretes modernos pueden ahorrar a sus piernas el esfuerzo necesario para ponerse correctamente en cuclillas, para sus intestinos equivalen a un instrumento de tortura, y los problemas que causan en absoluto compensan la comodidad que proporcionan” Daniel Reid